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Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company (LFVFRC) members held their annual banquet on October 10, 2015. Members and guests celebrated the 21st anniversary of the organization at the Jeffersonton Baptist Church.

VA House Delegate Michael Webert

Virginia House Delegate Michael Webert (L) with Little Fork VFRC Chief Doug Monaco (R)

Virginia House Delegate Michael Webert, (18th District) was the main guest speaker. Delegate Webert spoke about the importance of volunteerism throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. He spoke about the cost savings to Culpeper County taxpayers presented earlier by Chief Doug Monaco and how this actually has a positive impact throughout Virginia. The highlight of the evening occurred when Delegate Webert presented a plaque to the membership commending the group for responding to 100 percent of all medical and fire calls for the past year. This is the third year in a row that Little Fork has done this!

Culpeper County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association President Anthony Clatterbuck spoke after Delegate Webert commending the organization for their participation in local and state organizations and committees. President Clatterbuck also noted that responding to 100 percent of incidents is a reflection on the volunteers and their commitment to the surrounding communities. “To have responded to all of your calls for three consecutive years in a row is a significant accomplishment for any fire and rescue organization” said Clatterbuck.

Other speakers included Bob Burkhart, a Jeffersonton resident who was treated and flown from the Little Fork station to a hospital. The success of this scenario could be attributed directly to the new Basic and Advanced medical protocols recently approved by Little Fork’s Operational Medical Director, Dr. Michael Jenks. In addition, Mr. Burkhart also spoke about the need for a new fire and rescue station which would provide the basic amenities to help insure 24 hour volunteer staffing.

Siggi Crawford spoke about Little Fork’s Technical Animal Rescue Team (TLAR). Little Fork has the only TLAR team in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Although her plea for assistance was for a small animal, she spoke about the commitment and compassion the team expressed to her when her cat fell down a 64 foot deep well. She expressed her gratitude for both Little Fork and the Fredericksburg Fire Department for the rescue of Cecil her cat.

Tena Boyd Corbin (L) with Little Fork VFRC President Ed Kelso (R)

Dr. Tena Boyd-Corbin (L) with Little Fork VFRC President Ed Kelso (R)

Dr. Tena Boyd-Corbin was awarded Honorary Membership and presented a plaque from President Ed Kelso and Chief Monaco. Dr. Boyd-Corbin has supported the Technical Large Animal Rescue team since inception and is a technical advisor for the group. She has been called out on numerous occasions for assistance.

Doug Monaco with Dave Hagen

LFVFRC Chief Doug Monaco (L) presents the Chief’s Award to Dave Hagen (R)

Chief Monaco Presented the Chief’s Award to firefighter Dave Hagen for his work throughout the year that included building a work station, repairing a gear storage area and numerous hours of duty coverage.

LFVFRC President Ed Kelso (L) presents

Ed Kelso (L) presents LFVFRC President’s Award to Lisa Lightner (R)

Ed Kelso presented the President’s Award to Lisa Lightner citing her work as the Company Treasurer.

EMT Barbara Williams was presented with the Patty Mullins Memorial Award by Melisa Mainville and Marcia Pescitani, both of whom were previous recipients. This award is bestowed upon any member who has performed extraordinary service to the Company. EMT Williams is charged with coordinating work day staffing and assists with training new EMS providers.

Marcia Pescitani presents award to LFVFRC EMT Barbara Williams

LFVFRC EMT Barbara Williams (center) Receives Patty Mullins Memorial Award

Chief Monaco reported that the 64 members had responded to 596 incidents during the past fiscal year. The volunteers saved over $3.2 million dollars of property and saved several lives. The organization’s impact on local fire insurance rates saves community members over 1.7 million dollars a year. They also estimate a savings of 6 cents on the county tax rate in salaries alone.

The volunteer members of the Little Fork Fire and Rescue Company proudly protect the quality of life, social, economic and environmental infrastructure of the northern end of Culpeper County. Located in rural Rixeyville, Virginia, the Company also assists other Departments in Culpeper, Fauquier and Rappahannock counties.

LFVFRC Top Call Runners for 2015

LFVFRC EMT Barbara Williams receives 2015 Top Call Runner award

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Barbara Williams

LFVFRC Top Call Runner 2015 Caroline Johnson

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Caroline Johnson (R)

LFVFRC Top Call Runner Justin Beard

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Justin Beard (R)

LFVFRC Top Call Runner 2015 Remington Jerome Hagen

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Remington Jerome Hagen (R)

LFVFRC 2015 Top Call Runner Joshua Barco-Calderon

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Joshua Barco-Calderon (R)

LFVFRC Top Call Runner 2015 Melissa Mainville

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Melissa Mainville (R)

Bill Gartner

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Bill Gartner

Tim McQuarrie

Roger Lightner (L) presents 2015 Top Call Runner Award to Tim McQuarrie