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About Us

The volunteer members of the Little Fork Fire and Rescue Company (LFVFRC) proudly protect the quality of life, social, economic and environmental infrastructure of the northern end of Culpeper County.

LFVFRC is one of the few volunteer fire and rescue companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia that require fire and/or EMS certification for all of its members.

We are proud of our mission to provide trained, certified, volunteer personnel to respond to all of your emergencies.

2021 Community Service Highlights

  • 77 volunteer members responded to 765 incidents
  • 100% response rate to all emergency calls (9th year in a row)
  • Total EMS and Fire incident hours: 7,049
  • EMS incident hours: 3,383
  • Average members responding to each EMS call: 4
  • Fire incident hours: 3,666
  • Average members responding to each fire call: 10
  • $705,000 of property saved
  • Livestock saved: $23,200
  • Several lives saved throughout the year
  • Local fire insurance rates lowered by more than $2.8 million dollars.

Meet Doug Monaco, Fire Chief – Click Here

Meet Roger Lightner, Deputy Fire Chief – Click Here

Line Officers

Chief Doug Monaco
Deputy Chief Roger Lightner
Fire Captain Ralph Monaco Jr.
Fire Lieutenant Melissa Mainville
EMS Lieutenant Mike Nason


Board Members

President Ed Kelso
Vice President Ron Beard
Secretary Scott Hellenbach
Treasurer Lisa Lightner
Member at Large

Mike Nason

Member at Large Ralph Monaco Jr.