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Little Fork Volunteers To The Rescue


May 16, 2017 - We transported one person to Fauquier ER from this collision. A couple of agencies were involved with the clean up. VDOT was on scene assisting Little Fork, Virginia State police and Culpeper Sheriffs Office. After the wrecker had the truck back on its wheels, VDOT took care of the logs and other debris and patched the damaged roadway. Ambulance 9-1 and Rescue Engine 9 responded to this incident -- which occurred at 1630 hours.

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Wow .. how did this one happen?

Something tells me they were taking that curve a bit too quickly and a log shifted in the back....

Larry Frye

May 17, 2017 - At approximately 0215 hours this motorcycle wrecked occurred on Waterloo road. The operator was transported to Fauquier Hospital.

Wednesday May 17th, 2017 - 9:45 pm

Doug Monaco

May 16, 2017- Little Fork's Technical Large Animal Rescue Team was dispatched to assist Fairfax County for a report of a horse found down in his stall.May 16, 2017- Little Fork's Technical Large Animal Rescue Team was dispatched to assist Fairfax County for a report of a horse found cast in his stall. This incident occurred in the Clifton area. 21 year old "Jake" (a Hanoverian horse) was found cast in his stall this morning and a vet was summoned. He was found to have swelling in in his leg. The vet began treatment and called for assistance. Once we arrived we evaluated the scene and decided to move Jake to our rescue glide then move him to an open area. Hopefully he could stand on his own. The plan was explained to everyone and Jake was sedated. Once on the glide he was moved out to the selected area. The vet examined him again and it was decided to use the tripod to lift him. We set up the tripod and lifted Jake up onto his hoofs. After some time It became apparent that he could not stand on his own. The vet conferred with his owner and it was decided to lower him back to the ground. After another examination it was decided to let Jake pass over the rainbow bridge where he could run again. We are truly sorry for the loss, it should be noted that everything possible was done to save him. As can be imagined, his owners are mourning his loss. It was a quite ride back to our station. We would like to thank the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel who assisted with this operation. The units included Engine 440, Rescue 414, EMS 7, Technical Rescue Battalion Chief and the Deputy Chief. We would also like to thank the vet who did everything possible to try to make this a successful operation. ... See MoreSee Less

May 16, 2017- Little Forks Technical Large Animal Rescue Team was dispatched to assist Fairfax County for a report of a horse found down in his stall.

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At least with your help they could be sure everything possible was done. So sorry for the disappointment for your folks.

Great pictures.....showed each step of the process....sorry for the outcome....

Strong work, Chief. Very sorry that the outcome was not good. Keep up the great work!

Strong work guys and gals. Thank you for what you do.

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Awesome people!

May 9, 2017 - Thankfully there were no injuries from this one vehicle collision. We were dispatched just after 0700 hours. This occurred on Rixeyville Road near Ryland Chapel Road. Ambulance 9-1 and Rescue Engine 9 responded to this incident.

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Damn nice truck. Hope the driver was ok.

Another example of a great organization! Keep up the good work!!!

Jessica Shafer

Glad no one was hurt. Looks like a fresh restoration. I hope the accident was a result of someone else's actions and they can rebuild that beauty.

Around the corner from me. So lucky he and no one else was hurt. It's really worrisome for those of us who want to walk or ride bikes around here.

What will it take for people driving on Rixeyville Road to start thinking about their safety and the safety of others? Most of these accidents are easily preventable by people paying attention and driving in a safe manner.

A flashing light seems like one idea, but I don't think anyone slows down at the one closer to 211. I hate to say it, but we probably would benefit from a speed trap or two.

How can I go about getting info on this truck? I'm interested in some parts off of it if the owner is going to part out!

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Tuesday May 2nd, 2017 - 7:40 pm

Kristina Wilderness

What makes Little Fork so special?

Ask Barbara Williams, Glenn Dubya, Jared Anderson, Melissa Mainville.

I dare you to watch this video without crying!
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Wonderful video! Wish you were hooked up to Apple Pay or Pay pal.

Awesome video!

May 10, 2017 - Company Drill Night - This evening we practiced full code scenarios. Members were divided up into six tactical units of three each. We set up two separate scenarios and dispatched three units to each -- three minutes apart. Each group rotated through the codes as first, second and then third arriving units. Each scenario was timed and had an evaluator assigned for critique after each run.  All members were asked to observe and find ways to improve patient care and decrease our on scene times. Members had the chance to hone their Lifepak and Lucas equipment skills. The drill was a complete the end of the evening the crews had cut their on scene times and CPR start times in half!
May 6, 2017 - We were dispatched for a report of an auto collision with one person trapped at 18:44 hours. Initial location was Rixeyville Road near our station. The incident was found (miles away) near Berkshire Road. There were two occupants in the vehicle that had struck a guard rail, rolled over it, traveled down a steep embankment and stopped upside down against a tree. No one was trapped, as all occupants were out of the vehicle when fire and EMS arrived. One occupant was not hurt and the other was determined to need transport to a trauma center. A helicopter was summoned to land at Rixeyville Road and Lee Highway. We utilized ladders, a backboard, several members and rope to move the injured person out of the ravine. The injured person was flown to Fairfax Hospital. Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2, Rescue Engine 9, Chief 9 and Medic 12 responded to this incident.

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Thank you for what you do gentlemen and ladies

Our community is so blessed that you are here to serve us!

Help support these brave Volunteers!

Thank you for your service to our community!

You all are the best! Thank you for your service!

This department amazes me all the time!! They risk their lives all the time to help so many people. I can personally say that first hand!! So glad you are there for us in Rixeyville!! ❤️❤️

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May 6, 2017 - We responded to an auto collision at 00:11 hours which came close to becoming a tragedy for our volunteer company. While directing traffic in the 10500 block of Rixeyville Road, the firefighter controlling north bound traffic noticed an approaching vehicle that was not slowing. He had just enough time move and was missed being struck by inches. He managed to yell out a warning. The vehicle never slowed and came within inches of striking a Culpeper Deputy midway through the scene. The firefighter directing south bound traffic had enough time to move behind the safety of our heavy rescue. The vehicle was finally stopped by the Virginia State Police and the driver was charged with driving under the influence.....There had been several civilians that had been moved into a safe area of blocking that we had created with our apparatus. Had that driver arrived earlier they would have been in grave danger. Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2. Rescue Engine 9, Rescue 9 and Chief 9 responded to this incident.

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Thank God the timing was what it was. There are many maniacs on 229.

Glad everyone is safe. God Bless

Thank you for all you guys do LFVFD. We are extremely lucky to have you out here.

So thankful that your volunteers and the deputy remained safe.

And yes, 229 is extremely dangerous. Not due to the road itself but to the plethora of asshats who think it's a lap on the Daytona 500, endangering themselves and everybody else in the process.

Glad everyone is safe and tragedy averted! You all are THE BEST

Thank you all for your service

Unreal. And he won't be punished severe enough.

Thanks for your continued service

So glad everyone is safe. That just confirms the reality that there is no such thing as a safe scene.

That is scary. Glad everyone is safe. Thank you for what you do for our community.


So glad all are ok😊

Glad no got hurt, thank you for everything you do !

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  • > 61 volunteer members responded to 523 incidents
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