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September 24, 2016 - A very busy day for our volunteers!!  The day started with an ambulance standby for the CAYA event at the Verdun complex which is next door to our station. Equine 9 left at about the same time to participate in the Rappahannock Farm tour in Sperryville. The unit provided the public with information on our Technical Large Animal Rescue Team. At approximately 1230 hours Engine, Tanker, Ambulance 9-1 and Chief 9 responded to a report of a house fire on Jeffersonton Road. Arriving units found a small mulch fire that had extended onto the lattice work of the house. Firefighters used the can to put this fire out. Just after returning the units responded to a fire alarm at a local church facility. The alarm activated just as the wedding parties were arriving! Thankfully it was an alarm malfunction. Later in the evening we performed a standby for the burning of a VERY LARGE brush pile. The fire could be seen for miles.... Attack, Engine, Chief and Shock Trauma 9-1 assisted with this event. As is the norm for our Company we used the event to hold a Company Picnic!! We would like to thank the owners for both their hospitality and the excellent food!!!! Everyone had a great time!! Here are some pictures....

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Honore D. HastingsAs always, we are always so grateful to have you all as neighbors!!

4 days ago
Honore D. Hastings

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September 23, 2016 - Ambulance 9-1 transported one BLS injury to Fauquier Hospital from this collision. This occurred at approximately 1715 hours at the intersection of Rixeyville Road and Monumental Mills Road. In addition to the ambulance Rescue Engine 9 responded to assist with hazard and traffic control.

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September 16, 2016 - We were dispatched at 18:30 hours to assist with a report of a horse down in a trailer in Burkeville (Nottoway County) Virginia.
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September 16, 2016 - We were dispatched at 18:30 hours to assist with a report of a horse down in a trailer in Burkeville (Nottoway County) Virginia. PLEASE READ THE BACKGROUND INFORMATION BEFORE YOU POST REMARKS -- Officers from one of the local cou...

September 16, 2016 - We were dispatched at 18:30 hours to assist with a report of a horse down in a trailer in Burkeville (Nottoway County) Virginia.

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Sue ChurchwellThank you for your immediate response and valiant efforts, even though the call was hours away. I just read about this on the rescue's page. You all are incredible in expertise and compassion and caring. RIP Ivo.

2 weeks ago
Sue Churchwell

Cindy MitchellI am sure it was a valiant effort, thank you for trying. We are so lucky to have you!

2 weeks ago
Cindy Mitchell

Polly CuttingGod bless all of you for your hard work. #heartbreaking

2 weeks ago
Polly Cutting

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September 15, 2016 - Little Forks volunteers assisted the local Cub Scout group this evening. We provided a first aid course for the Webelos group and showed the rest of the scouts the equipment carried on our ambulance and pumper. The scouts had several questions about both the equipment and what the fire and EMS volunteers do to become operationally ready for incidents. We would like to thank the scouts for inviting us to Verdun.

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Erica RobinsonThank you so much! All the boys had a great time!!

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Erica Robinson

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September 12, 2016 - At approximately 1630 hours Little Forks Technical Large Animal Rescue Team was dispatched to the Stevensburg area of Culpeper County for a report of a horse that was cast in his stall.
September 11, 2016 -- NEVER FORGET!!
September 6, 2016 - Ambulance 9-1 and Rescue engine 9 responded to this collision on Rixeyville Road at Lee Highway. There were no injuries during this mid morning incident
September 3, 2016 - This vehicle overturned on Waterford Road. We were dispatched at approx. 0545 hours to this incident. The occupant(s) had left the scene prior to our arrival. Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2, Rescue Engine 9, Chief 9 and Utility 9 responded to this incident with 15 volunteer fire and EMS providers.
September 1, 2016 - We were dispatched for a report of a school bus that had been rear ended by a vehicle at Rt 229 at Rt 211. Arriving units found very minor damage to both vehicles and no injuries. Ambulance 9-1, Rescue Engine and Chief 9 responded to this incident which occurred at 1547 hours.
August 29, 2016 - Little Forks Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team was dispatched to assist with a horse that had fallen in her stall and needed assistance in the Bluemont area of Loudoun County.

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Jerry PuryearAmazing. Way to go Little Fork. You guys rock!

4 weeks ago   ·  1

Kelly Prodonovich-Keenernice job team!

4 weeks ago   ·  1

Billy SullivanDaggone you guys cover some area with that team. How many jurisdictions do you all have an agreement with? And are you being called to other counties by word of mouth or how do so many agencies know about this service?

4 weeks ago   ·  2
Billy Sullivan

Rebecca GimenezDoug Monaco can you respond to Billy Sullivan question please? Thanks!

4 weeks ago   ·  1
Rebecca Gimenez

Doug MonacoHi Billy!! We have been preparing for and finally had our EMS state inspection today and of course passed with flying colors.....all of our focus over the past week has been towards this exhaustive 5 hour inspection process with the compliance officer..... We will respond to any jurisdiction in the Commonwealth as we have signed the state wide mutual agreement. We also just partnered with VDEM for disaster response. We have made several presentations to surrounding fire, rescue, animal control officers, vets and owners. The last few calls have been from vets in other counties. We are attempting to get the word out through Facebook and social media too. We have also been called by individual owners. To have our team activated call the Culpeper County Dispatch Center at 540 727-7900. We always require a vet to be on scene along with the local animal control officer. We always request assistance from the first due engine company. They can arrive, assess the scene, send us pic and info and get control of the scenario. We always work hand in hand with local fire and EMS as they are a great resource for anything that may be needed.

4 weeks ago   ·  3
Doug Monaco

Billy SullivanHey Doug. Long time so see. All the years I been involved in Fire/Ems I Dont recall ever seeing so much work being done by one group of folks at the same time. You most certainly have a damn fine department. That large animal rescue team is simply awesome. I have been spreading the stories and your posts and pics around the White Oak area and as best i can to encourage them to call you guys if need be. Havent heard if you been called down this way yet. You guys have something good and rare happening in the Volunteer fire service these days. You put equipment on the street, with lots of members. Keep up the good work guys and gals.

4 weeks ago   ·  1
Billy Sullivan

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  • > 64 volunteer members responded to 596 incidents
  • > 100% response rate to all emergency calls
  • > $3.2 million of property saved
  • > Several lives saved
  • > Local fire insurance rates lowered by more than $1.7 million dollars.

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