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Little Fork Volunteers To The Rescue

February 20, 2017 - This small brush fire on Springs Road started from burning trash in a barrel. The owner had burned in this location for years without any problems. We cannot emphasize enough -- it is extremely dry in our area, be careful with any outdoor fire!!!!!
February 18, 2017 - At 16:28 hours we were dispatched for a report of a controlled burn that spread into a haystack, the wind was pushing the fire away from the barn. Upon arrival we extinguished the fire that was spreading into an adjoining field and the owner was using his tractor to limit the spread on the other side. After the exposures were taken care of we had (only) 120 round hay bales left burning. Chief 9 met with the owner and it was decided to leave them burning for a couple of reasons. The material was destroyed and putting water on it would leave a large debris pile that would need to be removed. Extinguishment would have taken hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that would have to be shuttled in with tankers. We cleared the scene after a couple of hours and the owner performed an overnight fire watch. Chief 9 checked on the fire later this evening. Attack 9, Engine 9, Ambulance 9 and Chief 9 responded to this incident. It should be noted that the owner took several precautions before igniting the original fire. He had waited until after 4 PM and had cleared flammable materials away from the area. He had a fire extinguisher ready and there were minimal winds at the time. It appears that an ember traveled over 80-100 feet and landed on top of the hay bales some of which were stacked three high. PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH OUTDOOR BURNING -- IT IS EXTREMELY DRY IN OUR AREA!!

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Oh gosh, all that hay lost.

February 19, 2017 - Fire watch continues as the bales slowly burn. Here are some pictures taken at 11:00 hours. We had some (minimal) early morning rain.
February 18, 2017 - Here are some pictures of 120 hay bales that have been burning for well over five hours. The fire watch is still in place and will continue throughout the night.

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Where was this?

Monday February 13, 2017 - We would like to thank the Emerald Hill Elementary School PTO and families for the donation!!! And...thanks to everyone who supported the PTOs Krispy Kreme fundraiser!

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Angela Kirby did you see this! <3 😀

February 15, 2017 - Several units were dispatched to assist us on a report of a collision between a car and a school bus at 07:07 hours. Little Forks Ambulance 9 and Rescue Engine 9  arrived to find that there were 30 students plus the driver on the bus and one person in the car. Chief 9 established command. The bus driver had removed the students from the bus and placed them in a safe area. He reported that no students were injured. Our EMS crew transported the automobiles driver to Fauquier Hospital. The school system dispatched a bus to take the students to their school. Another bus was dispatched to finish the route. We would like to thank the Culpeper County School personnel, Culpeper County Sheriffs Office and Virginia State Police for their assistance. All agencies worked together to ensure safe mitigation of this incident.

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Wow, hope everyone is okay. Awful accident!


My kids were on that bus. I'm thankful they were ok!

How scary, glad everyone is ok!

Nice job Little Fork ,,,,,,But Im still trying to understand how an accident of this nature can possible occur ....and any input who's was at fault ?

Very glad none of the kids were injured! Good thing there was only 1 person in that Honda - any passengers wouldn't have fared well at all. 🙁

Thank you for your response!

Prayers for all involved.

Damn! that could of been a multiple fatality call.

So scary. Not sure someone on the passenger side of that car would have survived. Thank goodness the 16 year old's side of that car was spared the brunt of the damage.

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February 8, 2017 - Little Fork received two new LP 15s that replaced our 16 year old LP 12s. We received grants from the Virginia RSAF and a private foundation. These monitor/defibrillators provide additional tools for patient assessment and will improve our level of patient care. We held a training session and asked the manufacturer to send a representative to instruct our members.  Becky Tardiff Michaelangelo provided an overview of the new LP 15s and went into great detail on their use, explaining each option. They are now in use! Thanks to everyone who made this project a success!!!

Tuesday February 7th, 2017 - 4:50 pm

Doug Monaco

February 6, 2017 - At 1330 hours we were requested to assist with the extrication of a cow that was stuck in a patch of "blackjack" soil in Bealeton, Virginia.February 6, 2017 - At 1330 hours we were requested to assist with the extrication of a cow that was stuck in a patch of "blackjack" soil in Bealeton. "Quisis" is a six year old cow who managed to get stuck in a deep mud hole.The farm owner had tried to free the animal and had run out of options. They had gone as far as trying to dig out around the cow but stopped due to the fear of injuring her. We requested Fauquier County for assistance and the Lois VFC sent a pumper and three members. Upon arrival, we assessed the situation and decided that a tractor could be brought up close enough to make the lift. We used several old backboards to provide a work area for the crew. Our stainless steel Nicopolous needle worked out great for positioning the webbing. We attached the Becker straps and pulled them through and into place. Once this was performed the tractor was used to slowly lift Quisis with our spreader bar. Once freed we moved her to a nearby barn for recuperation. We would like to thank the members of Lois VFC and the Fauquier County Animal Control officer for their assistance. It took a couple of hours to clean the equipment, we were back in service by 1730 hours. ... See MoreSee Less

February 6, 2017 - At 1330 hours we were requested to assist with the extrication of a cow that was stuck in a patch of blackjack soil in Bealeton, Virginia.

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Job well done by all

Yuck - blackjack. Glad the cow is ok - that stuff can be a leg breaker.

Another great job for Little Fork!! You guys rock!! Thanks for your hard work! Don't know what we would do without you guys!

Looks like a well coordinated scene - excellent job.

She was in deep! That is amazing that you could get her out safely. Great job!!!

Oh poor baby (really I knowit's not a baby) but how awful - glad you guys do what you do - can't imagine what might have happened if not for you all.

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February 5, 2017 - We participated in the annual Pinewood Derby race with the Cub Scouts (550) at Verdun. They created a special public safety class that included Little Fork, 911 dispatch center and the Sheriffs Office. We are happy to report that all of the cars finished the races (although our car finished last). Our designers have began the process to rebuild and race again next year with some improvements!! Thanks for inviting us!!

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Thanks for coming out! You helped make the kids' afternoon even more special.

Thanks for participating!!!

We appreciate you all participating.

Maybe we lost because somebody forgot to turn off our vehicle's jake brake?

2016 Highlights

  • > 61 volunteer members responded to 523 incidents
  • > 100% response rate to all emergency calls
  • > $1.268 million of property saved
  • > Several lives saved
  • > Local fire insurance rates lowered by more than $1.9 million dollars.


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